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06:30 pm Max Revision cc1590c5 (max): Some changes….


12:13 am Max Revision 68d5e03c (max): New experimental feature: Introducing black as a 9nth colour.
11:31 pm Max Revision cad4aaed (max): Adding new jsui file for displaying colors, updating view
- view file no longer contains a j.ui object
- a second argument to hipnoscope.view sets the diameter of the hipnosco...


12:07 am Max Revision 24fc155c (max): Describing puck position as a single parameter in xy coordinates
- updating puck js script accordingly
- this removes a lot of redundant interpolation messages, making model more eff...
11:31 pm Max Revision 27d75bc8 (max): Prototype implementation of Amogwai. Still lots of optimisation and fixe...


12:54 pm Max Revision 75a720eb (max): Normalising interpolation
12:24 pm Max Revision 58e5af72 (max): Adding puck functionality in view, ensuring same coordinate system conve...


03:39 pm Max Revision bc65c0ff (max): Starting work on porting hipnoscope to a Jamoma model
- I have the hipnoscope drawing fully working, and have ported all hipnoscope presets.
- Puck, interpolation and inte...


12:29 pm Max Revision de476110 (max): More work on preset pane in order to make it clear where we currently ha...


01:23 pm Max Revision f88dada9 (max): Getting rid of a stray print object left from debugging

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