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03:48 pm GDIF Revision ad04c857 (gdif): fixing small issue with enabling all streams in playback module. updati...
03:43 pm GDIF Bug #634 (New): crashing
Seems to crash when opening jmod.gdif.record.maxhelp, making a recording, closing patch, and opening
03:42 pm GDIF Feature Request #569: OSC time-tag delay
Implemented jamoma message /timeTagDelay to set this. Should also implement this in the GUI


02:54 pm Modular Bug #608 (Closed): Windows. hub/parameter comment attribute inside quotes cause ramp problem
When typing comment attribute of parameter (or hub?) inside quotes, ramp does not work on windows.
parameter examp...


03:50 pm GDIF Revision beefb4d6 (gdif): starting work on user-adjustable time-tag delay. Automatically enalbe a...


03:40 pm GDIF Revision a6bc2f13 (gdif): fixing nvt error message, making toggleAllStreams camelCase, streaming ...


01:54 pm GDIF Feature Request #573 (New): looping in playback module
11:54 am GDIF Tasks #572 (New): Stream-setup panel
The setup-streams panel in the record module needs revision.. Should have a "clear all" button, and possibility to re...


09:03 pm GDIF Bug #570 (New): Name-value tables, table name
change the "table-name" value in name value tables to "TableName" to correspond with how reads sdif files.
02:37 pm GDIF Bug #562 (Closed): gdif.record - file name does not show

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