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Modular2009-07-30Trond LossiusTestingBug #190: DSP flickr0.20
Modular2009-07-31Trond LossiusTestingBug #49: toggle widgets don't always send their state with preset0.50
Modular2009-07-31Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #49: toggle widgets don't always send their state with preset2.00
Modular2009-07-31Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #49: toggle widgets don't always send their state with preset1.00
Modular2009-08-02Nils PetersTestingBug #239: jmod.mapperContinuous.maxhelp don't work properly0.20
Modular2009-08-03Tim PlaceWritingBug #196: jcom.ui resizing depends on patching size, not presentation mode size.svn rev 58190.50
Modular2009-08-04Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #238: jcom.ui default color values make modules turn black.0.20
Modular2009-08-04Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #196: jcom.ui resizing depends on patching size, not presentation mode size.0.25
Modular2009-08-04Trond LossiusTestingBug #26: jmod.sur.speaker.setup0.10
Modular2009-08-04Nils PetersDevelopmentBug #241: jmod.control.maxhelp is outdated0.50
Modular2009-08-06Nils PetersTestingBug #214: jcom.ramp syntax problem when sending pair of ints0.10
Modular2009-08-07Nils PetersWritingBug #254: ambimonitor is missing for Windows0.20
Modular2009-08-07Nils PetersDevelopmentBug #214: jcom.ramp syntax problem when sending pair of ints1.00
DSP2009-08-08Trond LossiusTestingBug #256: tt.op~ doesn't build on Windows0.50
Modular2009-08-08Trond LossiusTestingBug #253: jcom.envExp don't build for Windows0.50
Modular2009-08-08Pascal BaltazarDevelopmentFeature Request #248: utility to create parameters5.00
Modular2009-08-09Pascal BaltazarWritingBug #217: ReadMe file is outdated1.00
Modular2009-08-09Trond LossiusTestingBug #54: tt.overdrive~ // jmod.output~ for windows doesn't sound good(ninja)15.00
Modular2009-08-09Trond LossiusTestingBug #230: tt.limiter~ crashes on Win0.01
Modular2009-08-10Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentFeature Request #263: Change to jcom.mean% in jmod.motiongram%1.00
Modular2009-08-10Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentFeature Request #264: jcom.mean% should accept 1 plane matrices1.00
Modular2009-08-10Nils PetersTestingBug #273: Modules crash on Mac PPC processors0.75
Modular2009-08-13Pascal BaltazarDesignBug #278: mapperContinuous: mapping function exponential and logarithm0.10
Modular2009-08-13Pascal BaltazarTestingBug #280: jcom.parameter bug with ramp function when changing type attribute via jcom.hub0.20
Modular2009-08-13Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentBug #279: jmod.input%: Several issues and potential improvements1.00
Modular2009-08-15Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentBug #282: jmod.input% - XML presest file needs update1.00
DSP2009-09-05Tim PlaceTestingBug #299: jcom.out~ bugtrying to duplicate problem0.25
Modular2009-09-07Nils PetersTestingBug #301: audio/gain is broken 0.50
Modular2009-09-07Nils PetersTestingBug #302: 3rd party externals are missing in windows installer 0.25
Modular2009-09-10Nils PetersDevelopmentTasks #171: creating a utility patch that simplifies creating Stand-alones 3.00
Modular2009-09-13Trond LossiusTestingBug #309: jmod.gl.videoplane% : freeze button crashes max0.50
Modular2009-09-14Trond LossiusDevelopmentFeature Request #316: jmod.input%: Turn /file/start and /file/stop into ONE parameter1.00
Modular2009-09-14Trond LossiusDevelopmentFeature Request #315: jmod.input%: /file/open should accept arguments1.00
Modular2009-09-16Pascal BaltazarTestingBug #318: cuescript does not wrap symbols in quotes properly0.50
DSP2009-10-10Trond LossiusTestingBug #336: jcom.filter~ dumps list of filters twice1.00

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