Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC)

The Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC) system provides a computer-generated virtual environment for sound spatialization. ViMiC is a real-time rendering system, particularly for concert situations and site-specific immersive installations. Drawn from psycho-acoustical research and the principles of audio recording techniques, ViMiC generates loudspeaker feeds which differ in terms of amplitude and time-delays. Furthermore, the generation of time-accurate early reflections increases the auditory illusion of spatialization. Through its flexible configuration, ViMiC particularly supports non uniform loudspeaker arrangements.


N. Peters, T. Matthews, J. Braasch & S. McAdams (2008): Spatial sound rendering in Max/MSP with ViMiC. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, 24-29 August 2008, Belfast. [pdf]

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