How to contribute to the UserLib

If you wish to add your modules to the UserLib, please contact the Jamoma team (

To keep the UserLib maintenance low, we ask you to respect a few simple guidelines:
  1. Please host your modules in a git repository, e.g. at which is free of charge.
  2. Please provide for each module with the module's name
    • XML preset file (jmod.myModule.xml)
    • help patch (jmod.myModule.maxhelp)
  3. Spaces within file names are not allowed (e.g., " module.maxpat").
  4. List all 3rd party externals that your modules require.
  5. Please provide a contact address for bug reports and feature requests.

You may also request an individual project website under

How to create a UserLib installer


  1. run ./update.rb from the Jamoma/Tools folder to make sure all userlib modules are on master and are updated
  2. from the UserLib/supports folder, run GenerateHTML.maxpat in Max to refresh the HTML reference files
  3. fron the UserLib/supports folder, open jamoma-userlib-overview.maxpat, go into the edit mode and press to "update overview" button tp refresh the overview patch, close the patch and save the changes.
  4. from Jamoma/Tools folder, run ./installerUserLib.rb. Two installers will be created: one for Max5 and one for Max6
  5. upload them to the folder
  6. update


We currently don't have a script to create a windows installer