Jamoma workshop in Berkeley November 2012

Associated roadmaps:

Jamoma development

General exchange:

  • Experience with ViMiC. Trond has been using it for quite a few projects by now, and it would be interesting to sit down together and share some of the thoughts and experiences.
  • Trond also would like to demo and hear Nils' opinion on using Bformat sources as input to DBAP. Eventually it is tempting to adapt the same approach to ViMiC as well, but Trond has not been able to do systematic theoretic studies or listening tests to verify whether (and how well) it work for different loudspeaker setups.
  • Trond is curious about the work you are doing at CNMAT, in particular work on microphone arrays.

Project management

  • Redmine
    • What do we use Versions/Roadmap for?
  • Review issues for DSP and AudioGraph and stray issues from the Kansas workshop


  • Improving Doxygen documentation for Foundation, DSP, Graph and AudioGraph

Building and distributing Jamoma

  • Making building work on Nils's laptop
  • Why do Foundation Library need to build using gcc4.7 rather than ICC?
  • When gcc4.7 is built using MacPorts, several of us (Nils, Trond Pascal) have experiences that the following two files are missing afterwards: /opt/local/lib/gcc47/libstdc++.a and /opt/local/lib/gcc47/libstdc++.a-gdb.py. Theo was the one catching this issue, that has got to be an issue with the MacPorts universal version of gcc4.7. see workaround
  • Build server: Having it properly working, and test installers so that we can release an updated version of Jamoma for OSX
  • When building there is currently a lot of "noise" printed to terminal. Are we able to tidy this up to provide the essensial information only and make terminal output more useful?

Jamoma Audio

  • AudioGraph - Ensuring that we avoid vectors being processed several times over when having more than one sink
  • SpatLib - making this happen
  • What do Nathan need us to do?

Jamoma and Max 6


  • What's next?


  • Nils Peters (CNMAT, UC Berkeley, US)
  • Tim Place (Cycling '74, Electrotap, US)
  • Trond Lossius (BEK, NO)
  • Jan Schacher (ICST, CH)
  • Casey Basichis (US)


Name date time Flightnumber
Nils Bike
Trond Sun. Nov 4th 21.59
Jasch Tue. Nov 13th late afternoon
Tim Wed. Nov 14th 9:55
Casey During the weekend November 10-11


Name date time Flightnumber
Jasch Mon. Nov 19th
Tim Tue. Nov 20th 10:40
Trond Sat. Nov 24th
Nils Bike