Jamoma workshop at BEK in Bergen 2011

photos from this workshop


Mon 31/1 - Fri 4/2 2011

Roadmap for further development

Concluding the workshop, a roadmap was set up listing the various development efforts:

Roadmap as zipped OmniGraffle file
Roadmap as PDF file


  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (fourMs, UiO, No) - covered by UiO
  • Diemo Schwarz (Ircam, Fr) - covered by IRCAM
  • Julien Rabin (Fr) - travel and meals covered by GMEA, lodging covered by BEK
  • Laurent Garnier (Galamus/Blue Yeti, Fr) - covered by Galamus/Blue Yeti
  • Nils Peters (CNMAT, US) - covered by BEK
  • Pascal Baltazar (Freelance, Fr/Be) - covered by BEK
  • Renaud Rubiano (didascalie.net, Fr) - didascalie.net covers flight and meals
  • Tim Place (Electrotap, Us) - covered by BEK
  • Theo de la Hogue (GMEA, Fr) - travel and meals covered by GMEA, lodging covered by BEK
  • Trond Lossius (BEK, No) - covered by BEK


Julien Sunday 11:50 Flight
Laurent Sunday 11:50 Flight
Theo Sunday 11:50 Flight
Renaud Sunday 13:15 Flight
Tim Sunday 14:10 Flight
Pascal Sunday 15:35 Flight
Diemo Sunday 19:50 Flight from Oslo
Nils Monday 11:50 Lufthansa
Alexander Tuesday 09:00 Norwegian

Tentative Schedule

Monday Jan 31

Trond might be away parts of the day, taking down an installation at Bergen Art Museum

  • Jamoma Modular
    • NodeLib and Modular 0.6 : C++ framework to build modular applications following MVC principles (Théo ~10 min)
    • Focus on DeviceManagerLib integration (Laurent ~5 min)
    • What Modular 0.6 implies on the Max way of patching (Théo ~30 min)
    • Galamus :another implementation of Modular 0.6 (Laurent ~15 min)
    • proposal: short presentation of two use-cases for MVC (Diemo):
      • a mapping editor for hardware controllers (fixed number of sliders, etc.) (5 min)
      • CataRT module architecture (the model), LCD display (view and controller), other controllers. (10–15 min)

Tuesday Feb 1

Alexander, Laurent

Wednesday Feb 2


  • Continued discussions:
  • Dataspace Lib: specification, discussion, feedback
    • Issue #566 - jcom.dataspace: Support for lists
    • see specification in publication repository

Thursday Feb 3

Friday Feb 4

Nils' plane leaves at 17.20

  • Jamoma DSP
    • Spatialisation Lib?
      • Is there a specification yet?

Dinner Topics