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Modular2011-01-19Nils PetersWritingTasks #402: finish to move dataspaceLib to Foundation5.00
Modular2009-08-08Pascal BaltazarDevelopmentFeature Request #248: utility to create parameters5.00
Modular2009-07-30Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #22: jcom.palette broken5.00
Modular2009-06-19Nils PetersDevelopmentTasks #171: creating a utility patch that simplifies creating Stand-alones 5.00
Modular2009-06-10Nils PetersDevelopmentFeature Request #90: module for ICST Ambipanning5.00
Modular2012-06-16Nils PetersTestingBug #1070: creating of instances when copying module is broken 6.00
Modular2009-07-30Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #236: The hsv dataspace color unit is broken6.00
Modular2009-07-02Trond LossiusDevelopmentFeature Request #169: Exponential FunctionUnitDone8.00
Modular2009-06-29Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentBug #182: Video module help files are in a miserable state8.00
Modular2009-08-09Trond LossiusTestingBug #54: tt.overdrive~ // jmod.output~ for windows doesn't sound good(ninja)15.00
Modular2009-11-13Nils PetersDevelopmentTasks #205: creating AudioUnit module20.00
Modular2009-05-29Trond LossiusWritingBug #19: jmod.qmetro is outdated45.00

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