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Modular2009-07-18Nils PetersTestingBug #36: jmod.output% jcom.UI buttons don't work0.10
Modular2009-07-11Trond LossiusTestingBug #38: jmod.vst~ ramping of parameter doesn't work properlyUpdated, works for me2.00
Modular2009-07-03Trond LossiusTestingBug #25: sur.ambi.adjust js bug0.20
Modular2009-06-29Trond LossiusTestingBug #183: jmod.gl.text2d% crashes when freezed0.25
Modular2011-01-19Nils PetersWritingTasks #402: finish to move dataspaceLib to Foundation5.00
Modular2010-10-19Nils PetersWritingFeature Request #625: document/generate with latex output 2.00
Modular2010-07-11Adrian GierakowskiWritingBug #557: repetitions/allow checkbox in jcom.parameter overwrites range/clipmode attribute value0.00
Modular2009-08-09Pascal BaltazarWritingBug #217: ReadMe file is outdated1.00
Modular2009-08-07Nils PetersWritingBug #254: ambimonitor is missing for Windows0.20
Modular2009-08-03Tim PlaceWritingBug #196: jcom.ui resizing depends on patching size, not presentation mode size.svn rev 58190.50
Modular2009-07-26Nils PetersWritingBug #223: crash when opening jcom.saturation.maxhelp twice1.00
Modular2009-05-29Trond LossiusWritingBug #19: jmod.qmetro is outdated45.00

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