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Modular2009-07-03Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #25: sur.ambi.adjust js bug0.40
Modular2009-07-03Trond LossiusTestingBug #25: sur.ambi.adjust js bug0.20
Modular2009-07-02Trond LossiusDevelopmentFeature Request #169: Exponential FunctionUnitDone8.00
Modular2009-06-29Trond LossiusTestingBug #183: jmod.gl.text2d% crashes when freezed0.25
Modular2009-06-29Alexander Refsum JenseniusDevelopmentBug #182: Video module help files are in a miserable state8.00
Modular2009-06-19Nils PetersDevelopmentTasks #171: creating a utility patch that simplifies creating Stand-alones 5.00
Modular2009-06-10Nils PetersDevelopmentFeature Request #90: module for ICST Ambipanning5.00
Modular2009-05-29Trond LossiusWritingBug #19: jmod.qmetro is outdated45.00
Modular2009-05-29Trond LossiusDevelopmentBug #21: Tutorials in repository should be removed2.00
Modular2009-05-27Nils PetersDevelopmentFeature Request #90: module for ICST Ambipanning1.00
Modular2009-05-24Pascal BaltazarDevelopmentBug #50: /module/view_internals should be renamed0.10
Modular2009-05-16Tim PlaceCoordinationTasks #14: NodeLib technical specificationsReviewing Code, Reviewing Notes, Thinking, Spec Writing.4.00

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