Jamoma Modular is a system for developing high-level modules in the Max/MSP/Jitter environment. It offers a compelling set of benefits to Max/MSP users. These benefits include fast and flexible interchange of modules, patch-building, and module construction, as well as possibilities of advanced control of the modules in performance. Jamoma modules may encapsulate any type of functionality that can be performed by Max, MSP, Jitter, its components (such as Java or JavaScript), or any third-party objects.


T. Place and T. Lossius. Jamoma: A modular standard for structuring patches in Max. In Proc. of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), pages 143–146, New Orleans, US, 2006. [pdf]

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Feature requests to RedMine
The feature requests have now been moved over as well.
Added by Trond Lossius over 12 years ago

Bug reports moved to RedMine
All open bug reports for Jamoma Modular have been moved from the SourceForge tracker to RedMine.
Added by Trond Lossius over 12 years ago

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