Documentation on the Multitouch DBAP spatialization Jamoma patcher : MSpace

This spatialization patcher is extensively based on the DBAP spatialization modules developed in the Z toolbox by GMEA

MSpace is a multitouch live sound projection setup based on Z and the Max Multitouch Framework. It allows the user to intuitively and expressively design and record spatial placements and generative trajectories of sounds. This task is facilitated by the possibility of grouping up to 16 sources into 10 independent ensembles with independent parame- ters. Interactive items for sources and groups have physical properties implemented with the the box2d library in or- der to convey richer behaviors and a more natural look-and- feel to the instrumatenlist. Speaker subset definitions can be independently set for each source/group, as allowed by the speakers weight parameter of the DBAP technique, in order to actually create different sonic "topologies" for a group of sources. Finally, continuous transitions and snapshots of the whole state can be easily created, updated and triggered as a set of cues in order to design varying spatial strategies throughout the whole piece.

Main Interface using DBAP spatialization modules for each input :

Multitouch Interface for sources/groups spatialization :

Multitouch Interface for groups trajectories :