Developer's Corner

This page collects information and resources about developing Jamoma.

Note that this wiki is split according to the Modules of Jamoma. This is the global Platform wiki.
Module-specific development info is located in the module-wikis, e.g. Jamoma Modular Introduction


GIT Version Control


Development on Mac OSX

Development on Windows


  • How to create an individual Makefile for a project?
    • a ./build.rb command will automatically generate new makefiles based on the YAML project description files. When e.g., switching branches, you might want to rebuild a Makefile without having to rebuild everything else. Here is how it works:
    1. cd into the Support folder of Jamoma ( Jamoma/Modules/Support)
    2. run makemake.rb with the path to the library, extension, or Max external as an argument (e.g., ./makemake.rb ../DSP/extensions/TrajectoryLib/)


Doxygen API documentation

Coding Standards and Guidelines

Topics related to coding style, consistency, and readability in Jamoma C/C++ code.

Creating an installer