Art Projects Using Jamoma

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h1. Art Projects Using Jamoma

* "Souffler n'est pas jouer": : trumpet/live electronics performance by "Sébastien Cirotteau":
* "Guapo meets GMEA": : Spatialized rock performance by band Guapo, live-spatialized by Benjamin Maumus, of GMEA
** [[Documentation on the Multitouch DBAP spatialization Jamoma patcher]] used for this project
* "Le courage": : interactive multichannel sound performance by "Jean-Léon Pallandre":
* "Daisy Cutter": : Dance show, by La Zampa Company , sound design and management : Valérie Leroux
* "Unruhige Räume": : live spatial electroacoustic music by Bjørnar Habbestad and Pascal Baltazar, with Benjamin Maumus,
** [[Documentation on Unruhige Räume's setup]]
* "Nouvelle Mémoire": : Electroacoustic composition/performance by Thierry Besche
* "Piano étendu": : Extended piano experimentation with "Sophie Agnel":
* "En les vibrations du confort": : Installation by Hélène Olive, interactive design by Théo de la Hogue (GMEA)
* "Echo Room": : Dance show by K. Danse Co. (Jean-Marc Matos), interactive design by Théo de la Hogue (GMEA)
* Interactive video setup for "Ina Cesco": by Théo de la Hogue
* "Moviestar": : an interactive installation by Marieke Verbiesen and Neeltje Sprengers
* "FIAT LUX": : Josefin Johansson, Daniel Sørensen and Ricardo del Pozo for Oslo Fashion Week 2010
* "Electric violin in digital space": : Victoria Johnson, Norwegian Academy of Music
* "Hypermusic" : "Alexander Refsum Jensenius": (University of Oslo)
* "NIME": : "Alexander Refsum Jensenius":, "Kjell Jensenius": Kjell Tore Innervik":, Innervik, Ivar Frounberg (Norwegian Academy of Music)

h3. Other Jamoma Activities

* "paper section": on Jamoma
* [[Research Projects Using Jamoma]]
* [[pedagogical usage]]

Do you use Jamoma in your artistic work? Let others know through the "Jamoma mailing-lists": .