Debugging Notes

Posting messages to console

Short answer.

As JamomaDSP is not tied into Max only, standard Max calls to post() or error() can not be called from within most of TTBlue. Instead call logMessage() or logError().

On the Mac messages will then be posted to the console window. In OS 10.5 Apple introduced some features that make really slow not always up-to-date, which is unfortunate. So instead of, I use the Terminal and run this:

tail -f /var/log/system.log

On Windows launch the DbgView program, it provides a console window. DbgView can be downloaded from Microsoft as a part of the SysInternals package that can be downloaded here.

This package also has some other useful things for debugging on Windows. FileMon, in particular, has been helpful in debugging weird problems on Windows with loading DLLs in the past.