DSP Lib Introduction

The Jamoma DSP Library/Environment is an object-oriented, reflective , application programming interface for C++, with an emphasis on real-time signal processing.
It makes use of polymorphic typing , dynamic binding, and introspection to create a cross-platform environment pulling ideas from languages such as Objective-C while remaining within a standard C++ context.

Like Smalltalk and Objective-C, TTBlue typically communicates by sending messages rather than calling functions. The emphasis on realtime signal processing is manifested in several ways throughout TTBlue, including its very strong support for vector-based audio processing.

TTBlue was initially created by Timothy Place in 2003 in Bergen, Norway and open sourced in 2005.

It has been used effectively to create VST and AU plug-ins as well as external objects Pure Data and Cycling '74's Max/MSP. It is used extensively by Electrotap's Tap.Tools and the open source Jamoma project.


  • SoundFileLib -- includes notes about compiling universal binaries of the various dependencies for libsndfile
  • MidiLib -- includes info about compiling PortMIDI

Other DSP Libraries