• (Jamoma Platform)

    A Platform for Interactive Art-based Research and Performance.

    • Jamoma Core

      Host-agnostic fundamental C++ frameworks.

      • Audio Graph

        Wrapping and connecting DSP unit generators to process dynamic multichannel audio

        • Plugtastic

          Support for building AU and VST plug-ins.

      • DSP

        Object-oriented, reflective, application programming interface for C++, with an emphasis on real-time signal processing.

      • Foundation

        Runtime and API implementing a light-weight, dynamically bound, reflective object-oriented architecture layer on top of C++.

      • Graph

        An infrastructure for creating a graph of objects that communicate asynchronously.

      • Modular

        Jamoma Modular is a system for developing high-level modules in the Max/MSP/Jitter environment. It offers a compelling set of benefits to Max/MSP users. These benefits include fast and flexible interchange of modules, patch-building, and module construction, as well as possibilities of advanced control of the modules in performance. Jamoma modules may encapsulate any type of functionality that can be performed by Max, MSP, Jitter, its components (such as Java or JavaScript), or any third-party objects....

      • Shared

        Support files for building the various frameworks

    • Jamoma Implementation

      Code and examples making use of Jamoma Core in various hosting environments

      • AudioUnits

        Jamoma implementation for AudioUnit plugin developent

      • Dependencies

        This repository holds various 3rd party MaxMSP externals and other 3rd party utilities that JamomaMax modules depend on.

      • iOS

        Jamoma implementation for iOS

      • Max

        Jamoma implementation for Max. The Max-specific parts of Jamoma Modular have been moved to this new project.

      • PureData

        Jamoma implementation for PureData (Pd)

      • Ruby

        Ruby language bindings

      • Test

        An Automated Testing Suite for Computer Music Environments.

        Software development benefits from systematic testing with respect to implementation, optimization, and maintenance.
        Automated testing makes it easy to execute a large number of tests efficiently on a regular basis, leading to faster development and more reliable software....

      • VST

        Jamoma implementation for use with VST plugins

    • Tools

      Tools and Utilities for the Development and Distribution of Jamoma.

  • (Jamoma UserLibs)

    Umbrella for user maintained libraries of modules maintained outside the scope of Jamoma Modular itself.

    • GDIF

      User-Lib for GDIF-related modules. Repository is hosted at GitHub

    • Jamoma Ircam FTM

      Various Jamoma modules that use and/or interact with the Ircam FTM, Gabor and MnM libraries.

    • Jamoma.Ircam.Spat

      Modules and components using Ircam Spatialisateur.

    • SonData (Data Sonification toolbox)

      Toolbox for Interactive Sonification for MaxMSP and Jamoma, created by João Menezes.

    • ViMiC

      Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC)

      The Virtual Microphone Control (ViMiC) system provides a computer-generated virtual environment for sound spatialization. ViMiC is a real-time rendering system, particularly for concert situations and site-specific immersive installations. Drawn from psycho-acoustical research and the principles of audio recording techniques, ViMiC generates loudspeaker feeds which differ in terms of amplitude and time-delays. Furthermore, the generation of time-accurate early reflections increases the auditory illusion of spatialization. Through its flexible configuration, ViMiC particularly supports non uniform loudspeaker arrangements....

    • Z

      Pronounced "Zed".

  • Discontinued projects

    Various developer efforts that are now discontinued. The code might have been moved to other projects, or it might have been abandoned.

    • Graphics

      Cairo -based graphics system build on the Jamoma Foundation API.

  • i-score

    i-score is an interactive sequencer for the intermedia arts - see

  • Infrastructure

    Projects relating to the administration and dissemination of Jamoma

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