Jamoma 0.5 Release Candidate

After more than a year of hard work and 17 betas, we are finally on the home stretch of releasing Jamoma 0.5 .
Added by Nils Peters over 12 years ago

We're glad to announce Jamoma 0.5 Release Candidate 1, which is available online .

Jamoma 0.5 is a major rewrite for Max 5, and also contains numerous improvements and new features.

The Jamoma developers have been working hard lately to improve Jamoma, and to fix as many bugs as possible. However, some bugs may still have escaped us, and would appreciate your help to catch and report them before we submit the final release.

We have set up a this redmine project development site and we would appreciate your registration under:


It's a good place to keep in touch with the Jamoma developers and to report bugs and feature requests, so everybody's welcome !

The most important changes have been listed in the ChangeLog, and there is also a guideline to port your modules from Jamoma 0.4 to 0.5. Though, even if you have been using the 0.5 betas, you'll need to change a few things, which are copied at the end of the guideline page.

We hope you'll enjoy Jamoma 0.5, and we hope to get some valuable feedback.