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jcom.map clip modes

Added by Tom Mays over 9 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:2011-07-15
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Target version:MVC for 0.6


jcom.map should use clip modes on the input. It seems to "clip" by default, but there should also be the clip modes that parameters use.

Also, there should be a mode where the input is "ignored" if the value is outside of the input/min and input/max. This is so that the same input can have different mappings to the same parameter for different ranges of values – maps with inputs outside of the range should do nothing so that they won't conflict with another map that is inside" the range.



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#1 Updated by Pascal Baltazar over 8 years ago


thouhg I don't know if this "ignore" option should be another set of modes (low_ignore, high_ignore, both_ignore" or another attribute on top of clipmode...

opinions ?

#2 Updated by Pascal Baltazar about 8 years ago

FYI, in 0.5, values were not clipped after the bounds of the range

thinking about it twice, I guess we should, on one hand, implement all usual Jamoma clipmodes so we can choose whether or not values have to be clipped

about ignoring values outside of the range, maybe a @repetitions/allow attribute would do it ?

#3 Updated by Trond Lossius almost 8 years ago

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