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jcom.namespace @address

Added by Tom Mays about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Target version:MVC for 0.6


The messages for the lookfor attrubute for jcom.namespace should probably NOT be names of jcom objects. So, instead of jcom.hub, jcom.parameter, jcom.return and jcom.message as messages to lookfor, they should probably be hub, parameter, return and message. In other words, "lookfor" should look for "types" and not "objets". IMVHO. :)


#1 Updated by Julien Rabin about 9 years ago

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#2 Updated by Tom Mays about 9 years ago

There could be other possibilities for the address message in addition to parameter, return and message. These could be "model", "view", and combinations like "model parameter" or "model return" to get all parameters of all models, or all returns of all modules respectively...

#3 Updated by Pascal Baltazar about 9 years ago

I agree (this is much nicer this way..)
and I think also that there should be a way to add tags - though I don't know if this has to be added within the lookfor attribute (and if yes, how...) or rather with another attribute such as lookfor/tags e.g.

there is something like criteria/include or something like that, but that's not very clear for me... (and it's not an attribute but a message...)

#4 Updated by Pascal Baltazar about 9 years ago

I have made some progress on specifying this, with some other ideas (like filtering based on address content...)
this is prototyped in jcom.namespace+ (whose name doesn't have any conscious relationship with the new trendy social network by a well-known silicon valley company... ;-)

#5 Updated by Théo de la Hogue almost 9 years ago

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This FR is now available. However the @lookfor attribute doesn't exist anymore and it have been replaced by two others :

@output : what the jcom.namespace returns (address, children, instance or attribute)
@criterias : which criterias to use to filter out the exploration (with some ready-made criterias like parameter, message, return, hub, view) and a way to create his own criteria (on object or on address) and to include or exclude the filtering from the result.

see in jcom.namespace.maxhelp to know more.

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