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different clipmodes for each bound

Added by Nils Peters over 10 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Joseph Malloch pointed me to a scenario where he would like to have different clipmodes for a parameter:

e.g. clipping on a low end, but wrapping on the high end.

He also suggested an additional clipmode which he called "clamp" or "constrain": values outside of the bounds are not processed at all.


#1 Updated by Joe Malloch over 10 years ago

Slight misunderstanding: I proposed that the term "clamp" or "constrain" be used instead of "clip" since I have spoken to some people who understand "clip" differently. These are the modes/terms I am currently using in the digital orchestra toolbox:

"none": no action taken
"clamp": values exceeding the bound are constrained to the bound
"wrap": values exceeding the bound are wrapped around to the other bound (modulo)
"fold": values exceeding the bound are folded back from the bound

As Nils mentioned, these are definable separately for the min and max. The abstraction dot.boundary in the digital orchestra toolbox follows this description (www.idmil.org/software/dot)

#2 Updated by Joe Malloch over 10 years ago

oops I forgot to include "mute" in the list of clipmodes:

"mute": values exceeding the bounds are ignored (muted)

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