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adding distance attenuation (rolloff) into VBAP module

Added by Nils Peters over 11 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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when the new ambisonics DSP externals by Jasch will be integrated into the ambisonics modules, the VBAP module is the only spatial renderer that doesn't have any sort of distance attenuation build in.
I'd suggest to add this feature to the VBAP module to be more compliant with other renderer.

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Copied to Max - Feature Request #1457: adding distance attenuation (rolloff) into VBAP module Closed 2009-09-09


#1 Updated by Trond Lossius over 11 years ago

Hi Nils,

I think it is much better to have a separate module doing distance attenuation, same way that we have separate modules for air filtering and doppler.

IMHO these are separate preconditioning processes carried out on the sources prior to the actual spatial encoding/decoding, and we are way better off by sticking to a modular approach with separate modules for each process, so that we can pick and choose.

That is also more according to DRY (don't repeat yourself), as we don't have to add the same code to all the spatial encoding modules, but can keep the code in one place only.

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