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jmod.input%: Several issues and potential improvements

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I've been looking at jmod.input% lately as Marieke at BEK might be using it as part of a setup for an installation in Netherland next month. I'd like to suggest a number of changes to the module:

All the different generators (cam, video, desktop, noise) should be run by the same qmetro

I see a comment in the "turn-off-metros" subpatch of jalg.input% regarding this:

"Not very elegant, but this ensures that only one metro is running at a time. This was easier to implement than trying to have one main metro."

Are there reasons for using separate metros that I am not aware of, or would it be OK to shift?

A second inlet should be added, used to pass "bang" to the module.

It should be possible to choose whether the internal qmetro is used or if generators are rather driven by an external qmetro. This is necessary to be able to control and synchronise the sequence of execusion among several video sources used in the same patch, or when feeding sources to OpenGL rendering.

For camera input there seems to be some issues:

On a laptop with built-in camera and no other cameras connected, create a new patch, and connect left outlet to right inlet of message:


Start changing device in the uppermost umenu.

Issue 1:

Device is output as number rather than symbols, e.g: /camera/device 2

As long as you choose a device that have no camera connected, the lower menu remains empty. When i choose "USB Video Class Video" "Built-in iSight" shows up. So far so good.

Issue 2:

Let's choose "Built-in iSight" from the 2nd umenu. Nothing get output from the left outlet of the module, so this parameter doesn't seem to be set correctly. We also have to look into @priority settings for /camera/device and /camera/camera to ensure that device is selected first.

Another option would be to embed both in the same parameter, so that we would have e.g:

/camera "USB Video Class Video" "Built-in iSight"

Issue 3:

IMHO /camera/camera is not a great OSC address...

Issue 4:

So, let's go back to one of the devices that do not have any camera connected. "Built-in iSight" continues to show up, and if the metro is running, we still get images.

I am fearing that jmod.input% for these reasons will not work very well with cue scripts.

Alexander, if you can report back on this, I'll be happy to take a loom at the various issues and see what I can do,


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Many good points here. While I was digging through the patch I solved the two first issues:

1a. Adding a common qmetro to all modes. This made it necessary to make it available for all the panes, so I ended up putting the metro on/off + updaterate at the top. This looks a bit cramped, but it is easier than adding it to each of the panes, and I didn't want to make the module bigger.

1b. I have added separate open/close and start/stop for the camera and video modes respectively. This means that two steps need to be taken to start the video, but I guess the added benefit of being able to separate the two makes it worth it.

2. Added an inlet for external bang.

3. I haven't looked into this. I don't have an external camera to test with here now, so if you want to try to figure out what is wrong, please go ahead!

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