Bug #1340

Difference in recall order jcom.preset vs jcom.cue modular o.6 0.17a

Added by thorolf thuestad over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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@Priority is not respected when recalling parameters using jcom.cue. Jcom.preset seems to work fine.

- preset tst
  1. "edit a comment"
    sound_file Barn_roper_hei.wav @priority 1
    play 0 @priority 10
    loop_on_off 1 @priority 4
    play_rate 1.000000 @priority 5
    loop_points 1370.952393 1947.800537 @priority 9
    out.2/gain 100.000000
    out.2/mute 0
    out.2/amplitude/active 150
    out.1/gain 100.000000
    out.1/mute 0
    out.1/amplitude/active 150

This works on recall (sound_file before loop points)

- cue tst
- description

  1. file_1
    loop_on_off 1 @priority 4
    loop_points 1370.952393 1947.800537 @priority 9
    gain 100.000000
    mute 0
    gain 100.000000
    mute 0
    play 0 @priority 10
    play_rate 1.000000 @priority 5
    sound_file Barn_roper_hei.wav @priority 1

This recall fails, loop points are not set. (because they are recalled before the sound file?

Also neeither cue txt does not have the same order of in the parameter list.

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#1 Updated by Théo de la Hogue over 6 years ago

Hi Thorolf,
this is strange. it works on my side.

I've made a test with the jcom.cue.maxhelp :
- I click on the "namespace/append /mouse /degrade~" message
- I click on the "store Init" message
- then in the text editor I can see for the degrade~ part that the sampleRatio is before the bitdepth and before all the other parameters.

Is this the same for you ?

And even if the preset you show works, it should have the line ordered by priority (because the order of the lines is the order of the recall)
so there is something wrong during the edition of the preset and the cue.

Do you fill the preset/cue using the store message ?

#2 Updated by Trond Lossius over 6 years ago

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