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create jcom.parameter~

Added by Pascal Baltazar about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:2012-07-12
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Target version:MVC for 0.6


Now that the patching-style in 0.6 allows it, it would be nice to have signal-type parameters.

It should work just like jkcom.parameter, except that the output is a signal, and ramps are computed at signal-rate....

jcom.message~ would also be great
Not sure jcom.return~ would be of any use....

What about jcom.parameter≈ (et al.) ??

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Copied to Max - Feature Request #1534: create jcom.parameter~ Closed 2012-07-12


#1 Updated by Trond Lossius about 8 years ago

This feature has also been discussed in the wiki here:


#2 Updated by Pascal Baltazar over 7 years ago

A basic specification sent to the list today, so we can try to make an initial version :

Do we need anything else (at least as a first shot) than this :
- values are received as floats, as in any jcom.parameter @type decimal
- they are converted to a signal at the output (just like sig~ would do in Max)
- if there is a ramp, it is an audio ramp

Concerning the ramping part, would this imply more than implementing the same mechanism than in jcom.ramp~ ?

#3 Updated by Trond Lossius over 7 years ago


- Support for function lib (as in jcom.ramp~)
- Eventually support for DataspaceLib, the same way that dataspace-lib is supported in jcom.parameter in 0.5.6 currently.

The latter might require that we add methods for audio signal processing to the RampLib, I'm not sure that we currently have that implemented.


#4 Updated by Pascal Baltazar over 7 years ago

We discussed this issue this morning on skype with Théo, and it appears that there is currently no support for FunctionLib in jcom.ramp~ - I've then created an issue on DSP for this, and assigned to you, Trond : #1246

Apart from that, it seemed to Théo that this is not a simple matter to create such an object, so we'll start with a prototype in Max - more on the list.

#5 Updated by Trond Lossius over 7 years ago

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