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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1336i-scoreBugNewNormalCrash NetworkTree : DoubleClick on item arrow Nicolas Hincker2013-02-25 01:52 pm
1262i-scoreBugResolvedLowGOTO is buggyNicolas Hincker2013-01-13 02:05 pm
1261i-scoreBugNewHighParsing error with integer values on some environmentsNicolas Hincker2012-12-22 08:46 am
1260i-scoreFeature RequestNewNormalNumerically edit relations' lengthsNicolas Hincker2012-12-22 07:35 am
1259i-scoreFeature RequestNewNormalButton "refresh" exploration treeNicolas Hincker2012-12-22 08:51 am
1245i-scoreBugNewLowCrash when deleting a box with a special relations' configurationNicolas Hincker2012-11-20 11:55 am
1239i-scoreFeature RequestNewLowmissing resize accessNicolas Hincker2012-11-15 06:09 pm
1238i-scoreBugNewLowsave into path containing accented lettersNicolas Hincker2012-11-15 06:01 pm
1237i-scoreBugNewNormalhorizontal relation selectionNicolas Hincker2012-11-15 05:58 pm
1236i-scoreBugResolvedNormalmove several box at a timeNicolas Hincker2012-12-19 10:01 pm
1235i-scoreFeature RequestNewNormalundo/redoNicolas Hincker2012-11-15 05:51 pm
1234i-scoreFeature RequestNewNormalmute a boxNicolas Hincker2012-11-15 05:50 pm
1210ViMiCFeature RequestNewNormaladding directivity for higher order microphones2012-10-10 06:07 pm
843GDIFBugNewHighGdif Roadmap ? Alexander Refsum Jensenius2011-07-19 06:15 pm
817GraphicsTasksNewNormaloptimizing TTGraphicsClassWrapperMax2011-07-12 07:39 pm
814GraphicsBugNewHighmemory leak in jcom.SpatDisplayTim Place2011-07-08 06:39 am
657ViMiCSupportNewNormalsupport for higher sample rates, manily 96K2011-01-24 06:53 pm crashing2010-10-19 03:43 pm
626ViMiCFeature RequestNewNormaladding an additional delay option to each microphone Nils Peters2010-10-05 06:47 pm
622ViMiCBugNewHigh“X fade XL” produces nasty clicks when source moves.Nils Peters2010-09-27 09:56 pm
621ViMiCBugNewLowfading time can't be set if DSP is offNils Peters2010-09-27 09:55 pm
620ViMiCBugNewLowclick with /microphone.#/activeNils Peters2010-09-27 09:51 pm
590ViMiCBugAssignedNormaljcom.vimic~ vectorsize issueNils Peters2010-09-07 11:47 pm
581ViMiCBugNewNormaljmod.sur.vimic~ crashNils Peters2010-08-18 03:35 pm
573GDIFFeature RequestNewNormallooping in playback module2010-08-02 01:54 pm
572GDIFTasksNewNormalStream-setup panelKristian Nymoen2010-08-02 11:54 am
570GDIFBugNewNormalName-value tables, table nameKristian Nymoen2010-07-30 09:03 pm
569GDIFFeature RequestNewNormalOSC time-tag delayKristian Nymoen2010-10-19 03:42 pm
563GDIFFeature RequestNewNormalosc-namespace from type-tagKristian Nymoen2010-07-15 03:15 pm
561GDIFFeature RequestNewNormalgdif.record - store streams in patchKristian Nymoen2010-07-15 12:23 pm
560GDIFFeature RequestNewNormaljmod.gdif.packKristian Nymoen2010-07-15 12:20 pm
538GraphicsTasksNewNormalporting jcom.jsui_multigain.js to the graphics framework2010-06-13 04:34 pm
432GraphicsFeature RequestNewNormalTransport Bar2010-03-24 07:39 pm
392GraphicsBugNewNormalSending "mode clip" to cause a crash2010-01-31 11:27 am
356GraphicsFeature RequestNewHighjcom.label: should interpret textile so that we can display graphical arrows, bold, etc.2009-11-09 09:19 pm

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