Jamoma is a platform for interactive art-based research and performance, consisting of several parallel development efforts, organized in subprojects.

This site is used for coordinating the development. It contains wikis, issue trackers and more for all subprojects. You find the main home page for Jamoma here.

If you want to join in as a developer or tester, please sign up for an account here and get in touch with the developers via the jamoma-devel mailing list.

Latest news

SonData (Data Sonification toolbox): SonData at Code Control
Added by João Menezes almost 9 years ago

(Jamoma Platform): New Sprint: Build, Test and Install
A sprint to get building, testing and installer properly working on mac platform after the release of OSX 10.8
Added by Nils Peters over 9 years ago

(Jamoma Platform): Jamoma sprint #1: Jamoma Dataspace
Join us to help finishing the _Dataspace maintenance_ coding sprint
Added by Nils Peters over 10 years ago

(Jamoma Platform): New source code URL
Jamoma's source code is now hosted at http://github.com/jamoma
Added by Nils Peters over 11 years ago

(Jamoma Platform): Jamoma 0.5 is out and ready for download!
Added by Nils Peters about 12 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Infrastructure (2013-05-11 10:50 am)

    Projects relating to the administration and dissemination of Jamoma

  • Discontinued projects (2013-05-11 10:46 am)

    Various developer efforts that are now discontinued. The code might have been moved to other projects, or it might have been abandoned.

  • VST (2013-05-11 10:43 am)

    Jamoma implementation for use with VST plugins

  • PureData (2013-05-11 10:38 am)

    Jamoma implementation for PureData (Pd)

  • AudioUnits (2013-05-11 10:33 am)

    Jamoma implementation for AudioUnit plugin developent